Hong Kong Cinema part 1/4

假若將是潮起時——香港電影何去何從?(Hong Kong Cinema, Ebb and Flow)是香港浸会大学地铁报道小组制作的纪录片。纪录片讲述了香港电影自上世纪80年代起到现在的发展历程。香港电影是否真的又像人们说在没落,会死掉?我们采访了导演张艺谋、陆川及香港本土导演毕国智,让他们为香港电影把脉。 This is a documentary about Hong Kong film industry in its past and where it will be led to in today. We have interviewed several famous director from Mainland including Zhang Yimou and Lu Chuan, and you will also get an local perspective from a native film director, Kenneth Bi. Editor: Mini Tian, Nicole Hu Script Writing: Mini Tian, Nicole Hu Library Researcher:Didi Ao, Bonnie Zhang, Grace Cao Vioce-over: Mini Tian Photographer: Mini Tian Reporter: Grace Lee, Didi Ao,Mini Tian, Bonnie Zhang
Video Rating: 0 / 5