Mad Sunday – try this cover LOL: Gong Linna ‘uneasy’ 忐忑- goin nuts at CNY – The Divine Comedy

(composite video – Gong Linna @ 3.46+) Found these covers on Taiwan FaceBook + YouKu: Gong Linna – The Voice of New Chinese Art Music….. 真可爱俱乐部 “God,” Gong Linna guest Tianjin talked about “The Divine Comedy,” “uneasy” – Recently online crazy popular “Divine Comedy,” “uneasy”, the singer — Tour de singer Gong Linna….. will go to Tianjin….. New Year in February of this year’s Beijing concert, concert tour for a German singer Gong Linna….. can not find the song lyrics “disturbed”, the recent explosion in online red, was friends known as “God Divine Comedy” Some even said the song “listen to a thousand times can not learn.” It is understood that this song called “uneasy” songs to Sheng, flute, violin, dulcimer,…., the use of drama as a libretto by percussion, fusion Laodan, older students, black, artistes and other sounds, in an extremely fast pace in endless variations. Gong Linna singing in concert, not only exaggerated and distorted, very characteristic facial expression, nothing like listening to the “babbling” in the volatile emotions vividly, fascinating….. This is the first “uneasy”, the first conquest of users that the lyrics, singing out of the mouth because Gong Linna only “ah, ah, well, yo … …” 中国竟然有这样的神曲!!!很负责地告诉你听一万遍你也不会唱! Gong Linna “uneasy” (Beijing New Year Concert 2010) Gong Linna 「樂旅中國IV」- 聲樂家

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