SF22 @ 師奶香港茶餐聽 C.Nai Hong Kong Cafe

SF22 @ 師奶香港茶餐聽 C.Nai Hong Kong Cafe
Image by ♭ Nocturne ♬ ♪ ♩
she is drinking 絲襪奶茶 (silk stocking milk tea)

* 師奶香港茶餐聽 C.Nai Hong Kong Cafe – I’ve tried almost all hong kong cafes at Singapore and this, by far serve the nicest food. Yummy~!! Must go to the one @ Thomson Rd.

Theres a new express outlet at East Coast, and apparently the menus are different. going to try that out one day. :D~

Isnt the pronunciation of "師奶" supposed to be "C-Lai" and not "C-Nai" ? oh well… its up to the owner of the cafes.

The worst one I’ve tried so far is the one situated at Katong Village, the 24 hrs Hong Kong Tea House. The food sucks and not authentic at all.

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