DingDingTV 中关村瀚海硅谷科技园开业典礼(1)

DingDingTV 中关村瀚海硅谷科技园开业典礼DingDingTV HANHAI Z-Park Grand Opening Ceremony 5PM June 20th, 2012 Double Tree by Hilton Hotel, 2050 Gateway Place ,San Jose On February 17,2012, HanHai Investment Inc., the first Chinese Science Park In silicon Valley, Officially Signed the contract countries and was during Vice President Xi Jinping’s visit to the US. HanHai focuses on providing high-quality professional services to start-up companies in US and China interested in going beyond the board, including entrepreneurship mentoring/development, funding, project planning,etc. It bridges companies cross-border to help them accelerate the growth, expand their business ventures in both countries, utilizing Hanhai’s strong resources in both US and China. 时间: 6月20日下午5:00正式开始地点: Double Tree 酒店(2050 Gateway Place, San Jose, CA) 中关村瀚海硅谷科技园(97 E Brokaw Rd, San Jose, CA 95112) 议程: 1. 北京瀚海智业投资管理集团董事长致欢迎辞2. 中关村管委会领导致辞3. 美国国会议员代表致辞4. Evan low Vice mayor of campell, as representative of California assemblymember paul fong 5. 中国驻旧金山总领事馆领导致辞朱荣6. Kansen chu 朱感生市议员7. 高层论坛joe hedges, felix zhao, moazzem hossain ,Kelvin chan moderator victor wang 8. 中关村硅谷天使投资基金发布Vice president of hanhai group, Lu xianggui 卢向贵。庄海中关村代表9. 创业服务合作方及入孵企业代表签约executive vice president of hanhai, Victor Wang, 10. 揭牌仪式本欄目聯系:info@dingding.tv TEL: 408-220-3099 收看更多節目請
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