Old Hong Kong Movie filmed in Singapore with Jack Neo, Moses Lim and Chen Jianbing

Old Hong Kong movie, 金装大酒店, filmed in Singapore, Marina Mandarin Hotel in 1988. Short clip shows the younger Jack Neo, Moses Lim and Chen Jianbing, the era even before the variety show, 搞笑行动, was even created. And the bald guy was the greatest joker of the clip…
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The Lovers aka: The Butterfly Lovers 11/11 (Full Movie) 武侠梁祝梁祝

武侠梁祝梁祝The Lovers aka: The Butterfly Lovers 年: 1994 Original Movie 英語字幕English Subtitles 吴奇隆Nicky Wu, Chi Lung (Nicki Wu) 杨采妮Charlie Yeung, Choi Nei 吴奇隆Peter Ho, Jun Tung
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1/10 Dragon Chronicles Of Heavenly Mountains (Full Movie) 天龙八部之天山童姥

天龙八部之天山童姥Dragon Chronicles Of Heavenly Mountains aka: Semi Gods & Semi Devils 英語字幕English Subtitles 林青霞Brigitte Lin, Ching Hsia 巩俐Gong, Li 张敏Sharla Cheung, Man 林文龙Frankie Lam, Man Lung