HK TV Serial Tai Ji Zhang San Feng 香港电视连续剧太极张三丰华语主题曲(费翔)

How many of you remember the 大家说华语campaign in the early 80s . Incidentally the song was sang by Tracy Huang (黄露仪,黄莺莺). The government back then was anti-dialect, so everything has to be in chinese. As such many of the HK TV serial with songs in cantonese have to resang in mandarin by the artist themselves or someone else. Shows like 上海滩,天龙八部are good examples. These made them rare classics from that particular artistes released exclusively here!! This is one of the TV serial sang by 费翔. He sang exactly the same cantonese lyrics. I remembered watching this in 1982 on SBC TV weekday afternoon. How many of you still remember this?? Original video…please follow this link :
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