(dec. 20-jan. 6) nanjing, shanghai, haikou, hong kong, xiamen / 南京,上海,海口,香港,厦门, 谢谢! A huge THANK YOU to all of the amazing people took care of us from Beijing to Hainan and everywhere in between. Old friends, new friends, we had the time of our lives. You are all marvelous and we love you! (In order to appearance…) Lily, Andrea, Sylvia, Lucas, Van, Hunter, Cindy, Timmy, 小朋友,the old guys on the train who gave us baijiu, Pillsbury, Mr. Brown, Wendy, Angela, Oprah, Sangar, Xi, Kamal, Daisy, and Kevin. See you next time! 再见! *big hugs* your friends, sean and noelan